Cybersecurity prediction: Top 10 Cybersecurity trends for 2024
"2024 Cybersecurity prediction: Top 10 cybersecurity trends in 2024 by SharkStriker

Trend 1: Cybersecurity will become data-driven
Trend 2: The cyber risks associated with AI outweigh the business benefits
Trend 3: The operational risks associated with cybersecurity will be a high priority in 2024
Trend 4: The shift to digital will only widen the cybersecurity skills gap
Trend 5: MSPs will offer more of automated security platforms due to lack of cybersecurity talent
Trend 6: Business leaders will aim towards tech consolidation for simplifying cybersecurity
Trend 7: There will be a rise in AI based vishing in 2024
Trend 8: There will be rise in quantum cryptography
Trend 9: The use of QR has gained quick popularity in retail, hospitality, and other businesses.
Trend 10: Increased maturity of DevSecOps development cycles

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Top 10 Predictions About Cybersecurity Challenges 2024

Top 10 Predictions About Cybersecurity Challenges 2024

Discover what the new year brings in the world of cybersecurity as SharkStriker predicts some of top cybersecurity trends for 2024.